2015-2017 Concordia 6th Floor EV, Microgallery, “Writer’s Block” Installation, typewriter |2016|Concordia 60×60, “Venice”, Sound Art, 1 min, March | Jacuzzi Club, Montreal,Dis-Function Curation, Setup and DJ set visuals, April | MAC, Montreal, Clork at the MAC with Ariane Moffat, Concordia Laptop Orchestra, Lighting, September | Usine C, Montreal Clork at Akousma, Concordia Laptop Orchestra, Lighting, October | Sala Rossa, Montreal, East Fest 2016, “Tiny Dots” Visuals Organization, Curation, Setup, December |2017| Concordia University, MB 8th floor, CLOrk – No Complaints, Concordia Laptop Orchestra, Sound, February | Studio XX, Montreal, Art Matters: Wire Forest, Main Curator, Partnership /w Valerie Bourdon, March | Concordia University, MB 8th floor, CLOrk – Concordia Laptop orchestra with Kathy K. and Damaris B., Concordia Laptop Orchestra, Sound, March |Le Livart, Montreal, EMAC Nuit Blanche presents: “Habitat Numerik”, VJ, March 4 |Eastern Block, Montreal, CLOrk at Eastern Block, Concordia Laptop Orchestra, Lighting and Sound, April | Eastern Block, Montreal, Montreal Algorave, VJ, October 26 |Milieux Institute, Montreal, Gamerella 2017, “#nofilter”, Sound Design, November |2018 |Espace Pop, Montreal Art Matters Presents: (Dis)Connect. Nuit Blanche, “Synapse” featured, installation, March |Galerie Espace, Montreal, Art Matters Presents: Out of Balance, “The World” featured, installation, March | Eastern Block, Montreal, Set Phasers to Stun: CLOrk, Amanda Christie & Damaris Baker, Concordia Laptop Orchestra, Lighting, March |Eastern Block, Montreal IMCA Student Collective: Altered States, “The World” featured, installation, April 20-21st | Concordia University, EV 10th floor, “Brain Jam: Make Music with Your Mind!”, Open House Installation of “Synapse 2.0”

Concordia University, MB 8th floor
, CESSA Halloween Workshop Series: “Frankensines”, Organizer/Performer, October 2016.
Concordia University, MB 8th floor, CESSA Workshop Series: “Electrobasics”, Organizer/Teacher, February 2017.
Eastern Block, Montreal, CESSA Workshop Series: “Contact Mic Workshop”, Organizer/Performer, May 2017.
Concordia University, MB 9th floor, Concordia University’s 7th Annual Undergraduate Art History Conference
“(DIS)Connect: Alienation and Art”, Presenting “Synapse (2017)”, Featured Artist, February 2018.